Counting down the minutes!

Hello Readers,

Today I am 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant, which means there is only 3 weeks and 6 days left until my due date. If you cannot tell, I am literally counting down the days until our little boy is here with us. We officially have everything like the cot, the pram, the clothes and over 100 nappies stored away for his arrival. All we really need now, is him!

A lot has changed over the past few weeks with the weather getting hotter and feeling him growing ever bigger inside my belly. The bump has dropped and my midwife confirmed yesterday that he is making his way towards my pelvis so, although he is not engaged, he is on his way. His little bum is stuck near the top of my ribs and occasionally I get a little jab so I don’t forget that he’s there. At our 34 week scan he was 5 pounds 7 ounces which is big but he is also very long, just like his daddy. Now, he is around 6 and a half pounds so, we are expecting a good sized baby in a few weeks time. Yesterday my midwife measure him to around 37 cm! I hope his legs fit in his outfits!


36 weeks

In terms of clothes, I have enough to fill a chest of drawers! We have been very lucky in terms of gifts and he has an amazing collection of baby grows, socks, hats and scratch mittens. I cannot wait to see how he looks in his little outfits! We have now had to ask that we are not given anymore clothes as he simply won’t get the wear out of the stuff we already have. Although we are very grateful for all the wonderful things we have been given.

As for me, I am tired a lot of the time and the constant trips to the bathroom in the night are frustrating as it often takes me a while to get back to sleep. It is all the more annoying during the day when you get to the toilet and you hardly pee at all! Although I am determined to get through this last patch, I do have moments where I just want it to be over. My patience is definitely wearing thinner these days and my need to sit down to take a break has increased. My appetite has skyrocketed and I am hungry so much of the day now that I could eat a horse. To be honest that could be because I am bored. Maternity Leave is boring, everyone is at work and there is nothing to do. I have no idea how people do this constantly because it’s only been 3 weeks and I feel like I’m going insane. Lucky for me there is always housework to be done. Woo!

The nursery has finally been painted and the colours are gorgeous! I am so pleased with the final results that I am going to write a whole post about the theme and decoration is his little room. Now, to build the cot and get everything put in it’s final place! This hasn’t been a major concern so far as he will sleep in our room for the first few months in his moses basket which is all set up in the corner ready for him.

Ashley and I started our Antenatal classes last week and really enjoyed learning all about the hormones and relaxation techniques. We were reassured by our teacher that she has only had one woman go over her due date after taking her class, so we’ve got our fingers crossed he makes an appearance soon. Personally, I am worried that two stubborn people may have created a stubborn baby and he will stay tucked away in there for a few weeks longer than planned. Only time will tell!

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this little update on my pregnancy. Please leave me some feedback if you wish and let me know how it was or is in your late stage of pregnancy.




Restless sleep, heartburn and decorating.

Hello Readers,

It is 3 o’clock in the morning and instead of sleeping soundly, I am wide awake. My usual 2 am toilet break has not ended after 5 minutes like it usually does. Instead I have been forced to come downstairs after tossing and turning for half an hour and consume a large glass of milk to see if that helps. Baby is probably glad of this change of pace as I can feel him changing position and giving me a little jab here and there. So far my head is still pounding and I am in a terrible mood.

This week has been my first official week on maternity leave and I have enjoyed my few days off. Ashley has a week off work, so together we are trying to get the house ready for when our little prince arrives. So far, it is proving a lot less stressful than I anticipated, with us getting someone in to do the decorating rather than attempt it ourselves. Now it is just up to me to organise the clothes boxes left on the top of the wardrobe which is easier said then done. I don’t know what size i’ll be in a few months time, so picking clothes to keep and clothes to donate to charity is complicated. By complicated I mean, I don’t want to throw out my pretty bags and clothes and you can’t make me!

Public transport for a pregnant woman is a bit of a nightmare. I often find that elderly people give me dirty looks for sitting in the priority seats. Although I have seen some of them practically jog to catch the bus, they still think they deserve priority. I also find people think there is room to sit next to me, like I am taking up a seat and a bit on purpose. It could of course be that I am at a stage where closing my legs whilst sitting upright is impossible and there are plenty of other seats around. A woman practically sat on top of me and only moved seats because she realised I couldn’t move over any further. Most bus drivers are pretty good and don’t start driving until you’re sat down and ready to go. Others however, have no duty of care and would probably prefer you to fall down and winge at them later for it.

With that rant out of the way, I think i’ll attempt to get back to sleep. It’s now 3:45am and although I am no more ready, my heartburn has settled and my headache is starting to let up. I hope you enjoyed my little rant about life and I am sorry that it wasn’t more entertaining.

Thank you,


8 Months & 6 Days Pregnant.

Hello Readers,

I realise this blog was pretty consistent until I moved a few months ago. The truth is that I didn’t know what to talk about and there has been so much going on that I just lost interest. I originally started writing as a way to talk about my pregnancy without my friends getting annoyed with me for oversharing my happy news but I’ve found that most people are excited to know what’s going on. So, that left my blog kind of obsolete but today it is raining outside and I feel somewhat inspired. So, please enjoy this post and as always let me know what you think!

How is Mummy? 

It feels strange to say really, that I am nearly 33 weeks pregnant. Whenever I tell anybody their reply is usually “Not long now then.” Which if I am entirely honest scares me…a lot! The house is still a work in progress as far as baby boy’s room is concerned and although we have most of our important things, I don’t feel quite ready for his arrival in a few short weeks. Once everything is in place in the nursery and it is decorated, I’m sure that I will feel much better. It’s the waiting that I don’t like! I am not a patient person and in pregnancy, you have to be the most patient you will ever be.

I feel big and simple tasks like getting off the sofa or out of a car sometimes require a bit of assistant these days. My back is sore and I am finding that it is uncomfortable to just sit in one place for a long period of time. My poor little feet have taken a beating over the past few weeks, they have become swollen and puffy at times which makes it difficult to walk. I think the reason that I have managed to maintain a good weight in my pregnancy is down to my job which requires me to do a lot of walking. Although recently I have only been there two days a week due to my inability to walk for a long time. They have been very supportive and I am very grateful to all my colleagues for their helpful attitudes and patience.

My mood has been up and down and I find myself crying over the silliest things like not being able to mash the potato properly or needing the toilet for the 15th time. I had a particularly bad day last week and upon texting Ashley, he brought me home a packet of cookies to cheer me up. I burst into tears when he gave them to me saying “that was so nice of you” and didn’t stop sobbing for a good three minutes. He just laughed and held me in his arms, it was a nice moment.

My clothes just do not fit me and even my maternity clothes are moving down the bump as I get bigger and bigger. I cannot wait to fit into normal clothes again. Luckily I have found a few dresses that work as maternity dresses with their stretchy material so, I am pleased about that. The funny thing about being pregnant is that at first you want the bump because you want to show it off. You want to be like “HEY WORLD, LOOK AT ME! I’M PREGNANT!” but then you get to a point like now where you cannot hide the fact you are pregnant because you are physically the size of pluto. The waddle is in full swing, your clothes are stretched and your bump sticks out loud and proud.

Here are my most recent bump pictures.



How is baby boy?

Baby boy is very happy and very healthy. In our last check at the hospital he was in the 50th percentile all round, so was growing perfectly. Our next scan is on the 27th of May and I can’t wait to see how he is growing then. Right now, on average he weights around 4 1/2 pounds and is about 17 inches long from head to heel.

I am lucky in that I have a very active baby, he kicks all day and all night. Spends A LOT of time near my ribs these days and is always finding new ways to make me uncomfortable. Whether I am standing up or sitting down, his feet, elbows and arms go in every which direction. These are all signs that he is getting bigger and running out of room in his little home. I have been able to get videos of him moving and kicking around which will make for great memories in the years to come.

He has a lot of clothes and I mean A LOT. He doesn’t seem to have as many outfits as he does baby grow’s but with the summer quickly approaching, I think he’ll be more comfortable in less anyway. I just hope he gets a chance to wear all the wonderful clothes that we have had given to us.

Things I have learnt

Friendships are hard to maintain during pregnancy, in that you don’t have the ability to catch up on a night out or get sloshed and have a laugh. Instead you have to plan to do lunches or dinner time activities and try your hardest to not talk too much about baby things. Most of the time your friends will ask you about your pregnancy because they have a genuine interest in what is happening. They want to know about your pregnancy because they love you and want to be involved. It’s easy to forget how much you have in common with these friends. 

Having mummy friends becomes more of a concern when you’re having your own child. Your friends who are going out every week, getting drunk and spending all day with a hangover are no longer the ones you can relate too. They spent their Saturday at a nightclub till 3 and you were in bed by 10pm. You also find that you want to talk about baby things, prams, feeding, naptimes etc. It’s something that you enjoy because you are a mummy yourself. I was pretty adamant at the beginning of my pregnancy that I was going to remain the same cynical person as always BUT that is not how it works. You fall into the trap of the aww’s and ooh’s over little socks and the newest swing in Mothercare. 

Your view on the world shifts which is something I never expected to happen. You never understand what being pregnant is like until you do it, just like everything else in the world it takes getting used too. It means that you are more likely to affected by news about children whether it’s a friend announcing their baby news on Facebook or the news of a Royal Princess being born. You don’t scroll passed thinking, “oh here we go again“. You think “Aww that is so sweet, I wonder if my baby will be like that“. It’s an indescribable feeling and it knocks you off whatever pedestal you’ve placed yourself on. 

Thank you for reading my update on my pregnant life. It’s been a funny few months but I am glad to be writing again and feeling like my old self. As always, please feel free to leave me some feedback or comments letting me know about your experiences and feelings.



99 days to go!

Hello Readers,

It’s been weeks since I last posted on my blog and I am sorry for the lack of updates. There have been a lot of changes with the house, the baby and working schedules so I’ve not been able to keep up with the writing. On a positive note, that means there is a lot more to share with you today! Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks pregnant which is amazing, it does not feel like two minutes ago I was having my gender scan and yet here we are! At 6 and a half months, I am starting to get the typical pregnancy ailments such as swollen feet, ankles, tiredness and weepiness. It means taking things a little bit easier than previously and not pushing my body to do anything it’s not quite comfortable with including standing up.

How is baby?

For the last few weeks the babies kicks have been getting stronger and stronger with a good kick here, punch there and even the occasional batch of hiccups. He now weighs around 2 pounds and is up to 35.6 cm from head to heel. Even as I am writing this I am getting pummelled from the inside with a big foot just hitting my lower stomach. He is a very very active baby and it seems like he has a routine. He is not overly active in the mornings whilst I am at work but once I am sitting down comfortably, he gives me a good kick. Whilst watching telly the other night I felt a big jolt on two sides of my belly, I looked down confused when it happened again. Ashley quickly placed his hands on my bump and we both stared waiting for the next one. When it came, I realised he must have hiccups and they were causing him to jump. It was such a strange and wonderful feeling that I am rather keen for him to get them again! I have also come to realise that our darling little boy loves to listen to music and so I play some of my personal favourites to him every day. Ashley played some Johnny Cash on Saturday and he was kicking like crazy, we’re hope this is a sign of good taste.

How is Mummy?

Here is my latest bump shot, taken on the 29th of March 2015


My bump has rounded out nicely and my normal clothes which I was still getting away with at times no longer fit. So, I am searching the internet and shops for some nice relaxed clothes that I can wear and enjoy for the next 3 months. The bigger issue comes when in a few weeks when I am attending my cousin’s christening up North and therefore need something a big more formal. Right now, I am practically living in the same few outfits and most of them are definitely too casual. Wish me luck!

As I mentioned earlier, my feet and ankles have started to get that lovely pregnancy swollen look that we all want. NOT! I am very lucky however in that I have always had rather boney ankles, so even when they’re a bit swollen they don’t look too bad. It does mean I have to put my feet up when I come back from work for an hour and let the swelling go down but after spending 5 hours on my feet, I don’t mind one bit. As far as cravings go, i am still enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables. Salads are my favourite with fruit for dessert, which I am praying keeps up after the baby is born.

My skin has taken a beating with spots becoming a common occurrence due to the hormones. My stretch marks are fading slowly, but I am not overly concerned as my skin is not the best when it comes to healing, so I am continuing to use my lotions and hope for the best. i can feel my hair thickening more and more as time goes on and I think it’s definitely time to go to the salon for a chop. Trying to decide what and how I want it cut however is another story entirely.

Thing’s I have learned.

Here are some of the things that I have picked up during the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

Let others help you

In the last few years, I have become very independent and self reliant. I like things done my own way and don’t really like to depend on anyone for help. When you’re pregnant, you have to let other people help you! Whether that is someone grabbing something for you at work thats on the top shelf or your partner fetching you a cup of tea. There is no shame in asking someone to do something for you because your health and your babies health comes first! In your life, you are the number one priority as you carry around your son or daughter. So, if someone offers to do something nice for you, just let them. Trust me, it’s taken me weeks to figure this one out.

Get a lot of sleep

As a woman who has always slept on her front, sleeping has become a bit awkward! As time has passed and my bump has grown, I have had to learn how to sleep on my left side which is not always that comfortable. It is time for me to invest in a pregnancy pillow as it makes it easier and more comfortable for you to sleep. Sleeping on my back at this stage is a major no no, as the weight of your bump can restrict the blood flow the the placenta and put pressure on your baby. I have also realised that having a nap in the middle of the day is awesome and will help you feel better. If you’re very tired and have the opportunity, have a nap!

Enjoy yourself

Being pregnant is a difficult time, especially with all the hormones floating around. It is easy to get down in the dumps but try to remember that this is a happy time. You’re only a few short month’s away from meeting your new baby and once they’re here you’ll forget all about it.

Thanks for reading everybody, I appreciate your patience and hope you enjoyed this post. Please come back next week when I tell you all about my baby brain and the trouble it’s landed me in.


Gender Scan, Moving House and Growing Bump

Hello Reader,

it’s been a very hectic two weeks since my last blog post and what a two weeks it has been. I am now 23 weeks pregnant and living in my new family home. With all these exciting things going on, the most exciting for me was definitely having my scan and finding out the gender of my little one. It is with a lot of joy that I announce it’s a….

21 weeks scan


Ashley and I are absolutely over the moon with the news as we were hoping for a boy. During the scan he would not stop moving, twisting around, sucking his thumb and touching his face. It was a beautiful sight and everything came back clear of abnormalities and problems which was a huge relief. My son (Ahh!) is a very active little tyke with a lot of movement happening throughout the day and night time. it is such an extraordinary feeling to have a life growing inside of you and to feel his movement as he develops. I am feeling the pregnancy a lot now and my favourite maternity jeans took a rip to the crotch which was not pleasant. So, now I am back shopping for maternity clothes that do not make me feel like a giant cow.

22 weeks

This was most recent picture of my bump, as you can see it is rounding off nicely and getting bigger than ever. I am still watching my weight as I was big before my pregnancy and so far seem to have gained from 6-8 pounds. As my son now weighs a 1 1/4 pounds himself, I wouldn’t say that is too bad. In terms of clothes I am planning on writing a blog post about buying maternity clothes and the do’s and don’ts involved. Who ever came up with the idea of horizontal stripes should be shot. Our nursery shall shortly be taking shape but it currently has minnie mouse wallpaper and pink carpet as the previous tenant had two little girls. So were going with something fairly basic but with a nice theme to bring the colours out in the whole room.  Once again, I have a whole post dedicated to that subject which I will be posting in the weeks to come.

Today’s blog post is short and sweet as I am under the weather this week with a bad throat and cough. There will be a lot more to come over the next weeks, so please stay interested!

Thank you,


Half way there…

Hello Readers, It’s official, I am five months pregnant! My baby is on average 25.6 cm from crown to heel, which looks huge on a tape measure! I can feel movement more and more clearly as my little peanut stretches, yawns and sucks it’s thumb. Ashley has felt the baby move a few times here and there, once feeling a big foot slam into the palm of his hand. There is a good chance the baby can hear our voices by now and so we have been doing a lot of talking, singing and music playing. These are the parts I enjoy the most.

Pregnancy is not without its downsides, my feet are starting to feel fatter than before as they get more and more swollen. Not so good when you work on your feet for a living but apparently it’s all good exercise! Heartburn is a cruel mistress, striking at various points throughout the day. Making it a necessity to carry Calcium Carbonate tablets everywhere with me, luckily I buy them in big bunches. Spots are a problem that I have never really had to deal with but recently I am finding my face is getting them more frequently. So, I am now having to make sure I remove all of my make up before bed time otherwise it’s like there is a small city growing on my face. Sleeping is still fairly easy although my body now wakes me up at 6am every morning to go to the toilet and usually keeps me awake from then onwards. Very annoying on a day like today when I am off work!

Beauty Products

I would like to share a few products that have been a god send when it comes to my body and it’s ever going changes. My first product is NSPA’s Firming Bust Cream.


This was my first mum to be purchase as in the first trimester, my breasts were very sore to the touch. Wearing a bra felt like torture. This cream works by firming and lifting your bust which makes the skin less sensitive. Within two days I had noticed a dramatic difference in the way my breasts felt and looked. It not only feels good but it smells good too with a sweet smell which isn’t too overpowering. It dries very quickly which is brilliant as it doesn’t leave your skin feeling damp and sticky. It is also Hypoallergenic which is great when you have sensitive skin like I do. The NSPA range is exclusive to Asda and at a retail price of just £5.00, it is definitely worth picking up on your next venture around the store. It is sold individually or in a pack with other products which I will be sure to try.

My next product is the Cusson’s Mum & Me Stretch Mark Cream which does exactly as it describes.


In the last 8 weeks, I have gone from having slight wiggly lines to full blown stretch marks on my bump. They aren’t kidding when they say you sprout a bump from nowhere! Around 90% of women will get stretch marks during their pregnancy, so having a good cream that works is essential. This product contains natural ingredients to help boost the elasticity of your skin which helps prevent stretch marks from forming. It smells great, and you only need a small amount each time as it spreads well across your bump. I use this product every morning and evening, it dries quickly so you can get dressed shortly afterwards. It leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and beautiful which I know can be a challenge when your pregnant. I usually get Ashley to put my bump cream on for me at night, as I think it is important he too bonds with the bump and baby. At a price of only £3.71 in Tesco’s right now, it is definitely worth trying. I will definitely continue to use this post pregnancy.

Food and Drink

Moving away from beauty products and onto food and beverages. My newest craze comes in a bottle I was very familiar with pre-pregnancy. Kopparberg has always been a favourite with me, especially in the summer when the sun is shining. This little beauty however also comes in a Non Alcoholic version!


Alcohol-Free Kopparberg comes Mixed Fruit, Strawberry & Lime and Pear. Fantastically the Pear one is often sold in Wetherspoon’s which is great when your having lunch or catching up with your friends. Ask at your local pub to see if they have any in stock. It is sold in bottles at Tesco for £1.29 each or you can get 6 cans in Asda for £4.50. A bargain all around!

In terms of food, my appetite has come back with a vengeance. I am hungrier than I have been for months but since weight gain is so easy at this point it’s best to keep it under control. So far I have gained 6 pounds, which for my fifth month of pregnancy is pretty great. Eating for two is a myth, in fact pregnant women should only consume a small amount of calories more than they would normally. The more you gain, the harder it is to lose afterwards has become my inner mantra but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a few luxuries here and there.

My latest cravings have come in the form of fruit and vegetables. Ashley and I have taken to eating raw coconut which is known for it’s brilliant nutritional value and fibre content. I am eating a lot more apples and various fruits to try and keep up a healthy lifestyle. I am still allowing myself to eat what I fancy but I have limited my portion sizes to ensure I don’t slip back into my old habits. I have also taken to pausing while eating to see how how full I really am, as overfilling my tummy leaves me feeling nauseous.

Up and Coming

On Saturday the 28th of February is our gender scan date, so we are very excited to find out what we are having. We will be moving into our house in the week that follows, so we can start getting the house and nursery ready for our little one. A lot of great and exciting things to come. Please feel free to get in touch with any advice or other products that you have been enjoying. I would love to hear from you! If you enjoyed this post, why not give it a cheeky share!

Thanks for reading,


Finding Out

Hello Readers,

Here we at 19 weeks and feeling better by the minute. The morning sickness has passed and instead been replaced by endless trips to the loo! As I continue onwards into my fifth month of pregnancy I find myself counting down the days until I can find out the gender of my little peanut. Until then however, the baby bag is full of little white and cream baby grows and a list of both boys and girls names. I feel my body getting more tired, my feet getting sore and the need for sleep all the greater. I feel the baby growing as week by week as I feel bigger and bigger.

Today, I want to tell you the story of how I discovered I was pregnant and the weeks leading up to that moment. I had not long started my new job and found myself feeling very sickly one Sunday morning. My job starts at 6, so feeling sickly and hungry was a feeling I was used too. This was different however, I felt like my stomach was being pulled downwards and my head felt light and a bit dizzy. A colleague asked me if it was possible, could I be pregnant? I shook my head and smiled, telling her it seemed very unlikely to be the reason.

Later that day, I sat with my partner and asked him what he thought. Whether he thought that I could be, we both agreed it didn’t seem plausible. That was when I got a phone call from my mother, telling me to come to Newcastle as my Grandfather was very poorly. All thoughts of pregnancy went rushing out of my mind as I made the 4 hour journey up North. It was that night sadly that my Grandfather Bill passed away, I was very grateful to have been given the chance to say goodbye to him. I stayed in Newcastle for a few days, spending time with my family and mourning the loss of my wonderful Grandad.

It was Friday the 31st of October when I made the trip back down to the West Midlands. I had noticed my breasts were very tender but in the haze of all that had happened, I didn’t think much of it. When I got back home, I was met by my partner Ashley and we agreed on a night in with a bottle of wine and some good food. I stood in the aisle where they sold the pregnancy tests and stared. I shrugged it off, once again sending the idea to the back of my mind. I had taken part in ‘Go Sober for October’, so I was looking forward to having a drink. Once the clock hit midnight, I was going to enjoy every sip of my alcoholic beverage. We put two bottles of red wine, a bottle of Prosecco and some food for us to share in our trolley and made our way towards the checkouts. When suddenly, I got this strange feeling. A feeling that I should go back and buy the test. I rushed back to get one, we paid and left. I remember thinking to myself, ‘well what could be the harm’.

I decided to take the test before anything else, so that it could come back negative and I could enjoy my Halloween night in. I left the test on the side in the bathroom and waited, I didn’t feel nervous or scared. This was when I jokingly shouted to Ashley ‘Oooh, come look it’s changing!’. He didn’t believe me, and we both laughed when I walked towards the test and stopped dead. There in the little window a very faint little line was starting to appear. I shouted to Ashley, he came in thinking I was still trying to trick him. I picked the test up and handed it to him and we both stared at each other speechless. We both began to smile out of disbelief, he grabbed me and held me close to him. I felt a warmth spread through me. That was the moment we knew we were going to be parents.


I took another test the next morning and it came up the exact same way. It’s strange finding out you’re going to be a mum, that inside you is a iddy biddy little patch of cells which is going to grow into a real person. Although this baby wasn’t planned I got used to the idea very quickly. They will be my happy little accident, and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story and I would love to hear some of yours!

Thank you for reading,


In Memory of my wonderful Grandad Bill.
We miss and love you very much.